New Books

September 15, 2018

French exit                                                               deWitt, Patrick

Eliza Hamilton                                                         Mazzeo, Tilar J.

Hippie                                                                        Coelho, Paulo

The lost queen                                                        Pike, Signe

Red war                                                                    Mills, Kyle

Small fry                                                                   Brennan-Jobs, Lisa

A willing murder                                                     Deveraux, Jude

An absolutely remarkable thing                         Green, Hank

Belichick:                                                                  O’Connor, Ian

Bury the lead                                                           Mayor, Archer

Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald                     Gaiman, Neil

Transcription                                                           Atkinson, Kater

Fear:                                                                          Woodward, Bob

September 10th

21 lessons for the 21st century                           Harari, Yuval N.

Accessory to War:                                                  Tyson, Neil DeGrasse

Button Man:                                                            Gross, Andrew

Cross her heart                                                       Pinborough, Sarah

Depth of winter                                                      Johnson, Craig

The dinner list                                                         Serle, Rebecca

Dog Man, lord of the flies                                    Pilkey, Dav

The glass ocean                                                      Williams, Beatriz

The good neighbor:                                               King, Maxwell

Home after dark                                                     Small, David

In his father’s footsteps                                        Steel, Danielle

John Woman                                                           Mosley, Walter

Katerina                                                                    Frey, James

Lake Success                                                            Shteyngart, Gary

Leadership:                                                              Goodwin, Doris Kearns

Lethal White                                                            Galbraith, Robert

Leverage in death                                                  Robb, J.D.

Meet me at the museum                                     Youngson, Anne

The mermaid and Mrs. Hancock                       Gowar, Imogen

Not our kind                                                            Zeldis, Kitty

Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind                             Coleman, Reed Farrell

She would be king                                                  Moore, Wayetu

The tattooist of Auschwitz                                  Morris, Heather

These truths:                                                           Lepore, Jill

Time’s convert                                                        Harkness, Deborah E.

To Obama:                                                               Laskas, Jeanne

We sold our souls                                                   Hendrix, Grady

August 28, 2018

Next year in Havana                                              Cleeton, Chanel

Erotic stories for Punjabi Widows                     Jaswal, Balli Kaur

The mystery of three quarters                           Hannah, Sophie

Walking shadows                                                   Kellerman, Faye

Tailspin                                                                      Brown, Sandra

Judas:                                                                        Holleeder, Astrid

A noise downstairs                                                Barclay, Linwood

A future of faith                                                      Pope Francis

America for beginners                                          Franqui, Leah

August 23, 2018

12:                                                                              Sherman, Casey

The air you breathe                                               Peebles, Frances de Ponte

Baby teeth                                                                Stage, Zoje

Chariot on the mountain                                     Ford, Jack

Dear Mrs. Bird:                                                       Pearce, A.J.

Dopesick:                                                                  Macy, Beth

The family Tabor                                                    Wolas, Cherise

Fly Girls:                                                                    O’Brien, Keith

Four funerals and maybe a wedding                Bowen, Rhys

Heartbreaker                                                          Dey, Claudia

Her pretty face                                                        Harding, Robyn

The late bloomer’s club                                        Miller, Louise

The masterpiece                                                     Davis, Fiona

The Mere wife                                                        Headley, Maria

My Girls:                                                                   Fisher, Todd

Our homesick songs                                              Hooper, Emma

Our house                                                                Candlish, Louise

Pale as death                                                           Graham, Heather

Pieces of her                                                            Slaugher, Karin

The prison letters of Nelson Mandela              Mandela, Nelson

Severance                                                                Ma, Ling

The shortest way home                                        Parker, Miriam

Smothered                                                               Chiklis, Autumn

A tale of two murders                                           Redmond, Heather

An unwanted guest                                               Lapena, Shari

What we were promised                                     Tan, Lucy

August 14, 2018

The republic of pirates                                          Woodard, Colin

Anne Bonne: the journey begins                       Yates, Tim

My ex-life                                                                 McCauley, Stephen

Macomber, Debbie                                                Cottage by the sea

Clock Dance                                                             Tyler, Anne

The other woman                                                  Silva, Daniel

Baur, Belinda                                                           Snap

Bad blood:                                                                Carreyrou, John

August 1, 2018

Believe Me:                                                              Delaney, J.P.

Double blind                                                            Johansen, Iris

A gathering of secrets                                           Castillo, Linda

Ghosted                                                                    Walsh, Rosie

Give me your hand                                                Abbott, Megan E.

The great believers                                                Makkai, Rebecca

Paradox                                                                    Coulter, Catherine

Spymaster                                                                Thor, Brad

Stay hidden                                                              Doiron, Paul

The summer wives                                                 Williams, Beatriz

When we found home                                          Mallery, Susan

Look at Me!                                                             Page, Robin

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine                  Honeyman, Gail

Factfulness:                                                              Rosling, Hans

Go ask Ali:                                                                Wentworth, Alexandra

How to cook everything vegetarian                  Bittman, Mark

Into White                                                                Pink, Randi

Rodent rascals                                                         Munro, Roxie

July 24, 2018

Wicked Vermont                                                    Lewis, Thea

July 19, 2018

The Ex                                                                        Burke, Alafair

All the Ever Afters                                                  Teller, Danielle

All we ever wanted                                                Griffin, Emily

Before and again                                                    Delinsky, Barbara

Between you and me                                            Wiggs, Susan

Black Klansman                                                       Stallworth, Ron

Bring me back                                                         Paris, B.A.

Calypso                                                                     Sedaris, David

The color of Bee Larkham’s murder                 Harris, Sarah J.

The death of Mrs. Westaway                             Ware, Ruth

Dreams of falling                                                    White, Karen

Educated:                                                                 Westover, Tara

Fade to black                                                           Graham, Heather

Florida                                                                       Groff, Lauren

How to change your mind:                                  Pollan, Michael

Island of the mad:                                                  King, Laurie R.

The Mandela plot                                                   Bonert, Kenneth

The map of salt and stars                                     Joukhadar, Jennifer

The perfect couple                                                 Hilderbrand, Elin

The perfect mother                                               Molloy, Aimee

A place for us                                                          Mirza, Fatima

The President is missing                                       Clinton, Bill

Providence                                                               Kepnes, Caroline

The sun does shine:                                               Hinton, Anthony

There there                                                              Orange, Tommy

What blooms from dust                                       Markert, James

What truth sounds like:                                        Dyson, Michael Eric

When life gives you Lululemons                        Weisberger, Lauren

The woman in the woods                                    Connolly, John

The word is murder                                               Horowitz, Anthony

June 7, 2018

Barracoon:                                                                           Hurston, Zora Neale

The Cast                                                                                Steel, Danielle

Frankencrayon-Picture book                                          Hall, Michael

The gray ghost                                                                    Cussler, Clive

The high tide club                                                              Andrews, Mary Kay

How it happened                                                               Koryta, Michael

The Mars Room                                                                  Kushner, Rachel

Miss Subways                                                                     Duchovny, David

The other lady vanishes                                                   Quick, Amanda

The outsider                                                                        King, Stephen

Paper ghosts                                                                        Heaberlin, Julie

The restless wave:                                                             McCain, John

The road to Dawn:                                                             Brock, Jared

Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic                               Atkins, Ace

Robin                                                                                     Itzkoff, Dave

A shout in the ruins                                                           Powers, Ken

That kind of mother                                                          Alam, Rumaan

Two steps forward                                                            Simsion, Graeme C.

Warlight                                                                                Ondaatje, Michael

May 31, 2018

Beneath a scarlet sky                                                        Sullivan, Mark

May 19, 2018

An address in Amsterdam                                               Fillmore, Mary Dingee

Beneath a ruthless sun:                                                    King, Gilbert

May 5, 2018

The 17th suspect                                                                 Patterson, James

After Anna                                                                           Scottoline, Lisa

Blood Moon:                                                                       Sedgwick, John

The cutting edge                                                                Deaver, Jeffery

The Elizas                                                                              Shepard, Sara

The fallen                                                                              Baldacci, David

Fascism                                                                                 Albright, Madeleine

Go ask Fannie                                                                      Hyde, Elisabeth

Hey Mom:                                                                            Anderson, Louie

Islandborn-Picture book                                                  Diaz, Junot

I’ve got my eyes on you                                                   Clark, Mary Higgins

The knowledge                                                                   Grimes, Martha

The last equation of Isaac Severy                                  Jacobs, Nova

Lawn boy                                                                              Evison, Jonathan

Life inside my mind:

My Dear Hamilton:                                                Dray, Stephanie

Our little secret                                                                   Nay, Roz

The punishment she deserves                                        George, Elizabeth

The saint of wolves and butchers                                  Grecian, Alex

Shattered mirror                                                                Johansen, Iris

Shoot first                                                                            Woods, Stuart

The sixth day                                                                       Coulter, Catherine

Sophia of Silicon Valley                                                     Yen, Anna

The she was gone                                                              Jewell, Lisa

Twenty-one days:                                                              Perry, Anne

Twisted prey                                                                       Sandford, John

The female persuasion                                                     Wolitzer, Meg

A higher loyalty:                                                                 Comey, James B.

A Nantucket wedding                                                       Thayer, Nancy

The overstory                                                                      Powers, Richard

The recovering:                                                                  Jamison, Leslie

March 29, 2018

Disappeared                                                                        Box, C.J.

Faith:                                                                                     Carter, Jimmy

Sweet Vengeance                                                              Michaels, Fern

The temptation of forgiveness                                       Leon, Donna

Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda                            Albertalli, Becky

The Lyme solution:                                                            Ingels, Darin

Tangerine                                                                             Mangan, Christine

To die but once                                                                   Winspear, Jacqueline

Alternate side                                                                      Quindlen, Anna

Red alert:                                                                              Patterson, James

The broken girls                                                                  St. James, Simone

Every noted played                                                            Genova, Lisa

How democracies die                                                        Levitsky, Steve

In the shadow of statues                                                  Landrieu, Mitch

The Italian teacher                                                             Rachman, Tom

The recipe box                                                                    Shipman, Viola

Bachelor girl                                                                        Alkermade, Kim van

The Bishop’s pawn                                                            Berry, Steve

Closer than you know                                                       Parks, Brad

The coincidence makers                                                   Blum, Yoav

A dangerous game                                                             Graham, Heather

The escape artist                                                                Meltzer, Brad

The family next door                                                         Hepworth, Sally

The flight attendant                                                          Bohjalian, Chris

I’ll be gone in the dark                                                      McNamara, Michelle

The sandman                                                                       Keplar, Lars

Speak no evil                                                                       Iweala, Uzodinma

The terminal list                                                                  Carr, Jack

The third victim                                                                  Margolin, Phillip















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