New Books

March 29, 2018

Disappeared                                                                        Box, C.J.

Faith:                                                                                     Carter, Jimmy

Sweet Vengeance                                                              Michaels, Fern

The temptation of forgiveness                                       Leon, Donna

Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda                            Albertalli, Becky

The Lyme solution:                                                            Ingels, Darin

Tangerine                                                                             Mangan, Christine

To die but once                                                                   Winspear, Jacqueline

Alternate side                                                                      Quindlen, Anna

Red alert:                                                                              Patterson, James

The broken girls                                                                  St. James, Simone

Every noted played                                                            Genova, Lisa

How democracies die                                                        Levitsky, Steve

In the shadow of statues                                                  Landrieu, Mitch

The Italian teacher                                                             Rachman, Tom

The recipe box                                                                    Shipman, Viola

Bachelor girl                                                                        Alkermade, Kim van

The Bishop’s pawn                                                            Berry, Steve

Closer than you know                                                       Parks, Brad

The coincidence makers                                                   Blum, Yoav

A dangerous game                                                             Graham, Heather

The escape artist                                                                Meltzer, Brad

The family next door                                                         Hepworth, Sally

The flight attendant                                                          Bohjalian, Chris

I’ll be gone in the dark                                                      McNamara, Michelle

The sandman                                                                       Keplar, Lars

Speak no evil                                                                       Iweala, Uzodinma

The terminal list                                                                  Carr, Jack

The third victim                                                                  Margolin, Phillip

March 6, 2018

Shake the tree-picture                                                      Borando, Silvia

Summer hours at the Robber’s Library                        Halpern, Sue

The shape of water                                                            Del Toro, Guillermo

We were the lucky ones                                                   Hunter, Georgia

Chicago                                                                                 Mamet, David

February 27, 2018

Betty Crocker Lost recipes

A new model                                                                       Graham, Ashley

February 24, 2018

Catnip: a love story                                                            Korda, Michael

The danger within us:                                                       Lenzer, Jeanne

Down the river unto the sea                                           Mosley, Walter

Everything you love will burn:                                        Tenold, Vegas

How to stop time                                                               Haig, Matt

In the enemy’s house:                                                      Blum, Howard

Mrs.                                                                                       Macy, Caitlin

The other side of everything                                          Owens, Lauren

Rosie colored glasses                                                        Wolfson, Brianna

The woman in the window                                             Finn, A.J.

February 17, 2018

Red notice:                                                                           Browder, Bill

February 13, 2018

An American Marriage-Oprah’s Book Club                 Jones, Tayari

American wolf:                                                                   Blakeslee, Nate

The cookie cure:                                                                 Stachler, Susan

A death in live oak                                                             Grippando, James

The doomsday machine:                                                  Ellsberg, Daniel

Eternal life                                                                            Horn, Dara

Force of nature                                                                   Harper, Jane

The great alone                                                                   Hannah, Kristin

Grist Mill Road                                                                    Yates, Christopher

I am I am I am                                                                     O’Farrell, Maggie

It occurs to me that I am America:

It’s even worse than you think:                                      Johnston, David Cay

Look for me                                                                         Gardner, Lisa

Points North                                                                        Mosher, Howard Frank

The wife                                                                                Burke, Alafair

Still me                                                                                  Moyes, Jojo

Into the black nowhere                                                    Gardiner

Need to know                                                                     Cleveland, Karen

Poison                                                                                   Lescroart, John T.

Red clocks                                                                            Zumas, Leni

The storm king                                                                    Duffy, Brendan

Surprise me                                                                          Kinsella, Sophie

Thunderhead                                                                      Shusterman, Neal

White house                                                                        Bloom, Amy

January 30, 2018

Dark in death                                                                       Robb, J.D.

January 20, 2018

The Chalk Man                                                                    Tudor, C.J.

Silence: In the age of noise                                              Kagge, Erling

Beasts made of night                                                        Onyebuchi, Tochi

Fire and Fury:                                                                      Woolf, Michael

The girls in the picture                                                      Benjamin, Melanie

I am Harriet Tubman                                                         Meltzer, Brad

The Take                                                                               Reich, Christopher

Whey they call you a terrorist:                                       Kahn-Cullors, Patrisse

Promise not to tell                                                             Krentz, Jayne Ann

The wife between us                                                         Hendricks, Greer

The Immortalists                                                                Benjamin, Chloe


January 2, 2018

Green                                                                                    Graham-Felsen, Sam

The Music Shop                                                                  Joyce, Rachel

Robicheaux                                                                          Burke, James Lee

December 28, 2017

An American Family:                                                         Khan, Khizr

The Demon Crown                                                             Rollins, James

Dog man and Cat Kid                                                         Pilkey, Dav

The girl in the tower                                                          Arden, Katherine

Killing Season                                                                      Kellerman, Faye

Lincoln in the Bardo-Audiobook                                     Saunders, George

Long way down                                                                  Reynolds, Jason

Manhattan Beach                                                              Egan, Jennifer

The Ninth Hour                                                                   McDermott, Alice

Proof of life:                                                                         Jance, Judith A.

Rapunzel-Picture book                                                     Woollvin, Bethan

That is my dream!-Picture book                                     Hughes, Langston

Total Cat Mojo:                                                                   Galaxy, Jackson

Year One                                                                               Roberts, Nora

December 19, 2017

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street                                  Kimball, Christopher

I have a balloon-picture book                                         Bernstein, Ariel

Bear stays up for Christmas                                            Wilson, Karma

The whispering room                                                        Koontz, Dean

The future is history:                                                         Gessen, Masha

Vivian Maier:                                                                       Bannos, Pamela

Cooking up the Classics

December 1, 2017

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans:   Kilmeade, Brian

Beasts of extraordinary circumstance:                         Lang, Ruth Emmie

A Christmas return                                                             Perry, Anne

The Cuban affair                                                                 DeMille, Nelson

Dear Martin                                                                         Stone, Nic

End game                                                                             Baldacci, David

Every breath you take                                                       Clark, Mary Higgins

Future home of the living God                                       Erdrich, Louise

Hardcore twenty-four                                                      Evanovich, Janet

Heather, the totality                                                          Weiner, Matthew

The inner life of animals                                                   Wohlleben, Peter

Leonardo da Vinci                                                              Isaacson, Walter

The midnight line                                                               Child, Lee

The Noel diary                                                                    Evans, Richard Paul

Past perfect                                                                         Steel, Danielle

The people vs. Alex Cross                                                 Patterson, James

Promise Me, Dad:                                                              Biden, Joe

Radio free Vermont:                                                         McKibben, Bill

The Radium girls:                                                                Moore, Kate

Sourdough                                                                           Sloan, Robin

The story of Arthur Truluv                                               Berg, Elizabeth

Artemis                                                                                 Weir, Andy

The deal of a lifetime                                                        Backman, Fredrik

A gift from Bob                                                                   Bowen, James

The floating world                                                             Babst, C. Morgan

Origin                                                                                     Brown, Dan

Pachinko                                                                               Lee, Min Jin

Strange weather                                                                 Hill, Joe

October 26, 2017

The Alzheimer’s Solution:                                                Sherzai, Dean

Crimes of the father                                                          Keneally, Thomas

Dare not linger:                                                                  Mandela, Nelson

Deep freeze                                                                         Sandford, John

Endurance: A year in space,                                            Kelly, Scott

From here to eternity:                                                      Doughty, Caitlin

Grant                                                                                     Chernow, Ron

I can’t breathe: a killing on Bay Street                         Taibbi, Matt

In the midst of winter                                                       Allende, Isabel

Merry and Bright                                                                Macomber, Debbie

Pigeon P.I., Picture book                                                  McLaren, Meg

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe                                De la Cruz, Melissa

The river of consciousness                                               Sacks, Oliver W.

The Rooster Bar                                                                  Grisham, John

The rules of magic                                                              Hoffman, Alice

Seven days of us                                                                 Hornak, Francesca

Turtles all the way down                                                 Green, John

Two kinds of truth                                                             Connelly, Michael

Walking with Peety:                                                          O’Grey, Eric

We were eight year in power:                                        Coates, Ta-Nehisi

What the Qur’an meant: and why it matters             Wills, Gary

Winter solstice                                                                    Hilderbrand, Elin

October 21, 2017

Killing England                                                                    O’Reilly, Bill

October 7, 2017

A legacy of spies:                                                                Le Carre, John

Lilac Girls                                                                             Kelly, Martha Hall

What happened                                                                 Clinton, Hillary

September 30, 2017

The death of an heir:                                                         Jett, Philip

Hannah who fell from the sky                                        Meades, Christopher

Sleep like a baby                                                                Harris, Charlaine

Trace                                                                                      Mayor, Archer

Five-carat soul                                                                     McBride, James

Holly and Ivy                                                                        Michaels, Fern

The last castle:                                                                    Kiernan, Denise

Sleeping beauties                                                               King, Stephen

Don’t let go                                                                          Coben, Harlan

The golden house                                                               Rushdie, Salman

It takes two:                                                                        Scott, Jonathan

Secrets in death                                                                  Robb, J.D.

September 19, 2017

Outside-picture book                                                        Gill, Deirdre

The Pigeon Tunnel                                                             Le Carre, John

A column of fire                                                                  Follett, Ken

Enemy of the state                                                             Flynn, Vince

Enigma                                                                                  Coulter, Catherine

George & Lizzie                                                                   Pearl, Nancy

The girl who takes and eye for an eye                          Lagercrantz, David

Little fires everywhere                                                     Ng, Celeste

Love and other consolation prizes                                Ford, Jaime

No room for small dreams                                              Peres, Shimon

The odyssey of Echo Company                                      Stanton, Doug

Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s sonnet                  Coleman, Reed Farrel

Sing, unburied, sing                                                           Ward, Jesmyn

The twelve-mile straight                                                  Henderson, Eleanor

The unquiet grave                                                             McCrumb, Sharyn

Wicked deeds                                                                      Graham, Heather

September 9, 2017

The Alice network                                                              Quinn, Kate

Graze:                                                                                    Lenzer, Suzanne

Honestly, Red riding hood was rotten!                        Shaskan, Tricia Speed

Little Red Riding Hood                                                      Kolanovic, Dubravka

September 16, 2017

Dog Man: a tale of two kitties                                        Pilkey, Dav

Hue 1968:                                                                            Bowden, Mark

The Lying game                                                                   Ware, Ruth

The scariest book ever-picture book                            Shea, Bob

August 29, 2017

The address                                                                         Davis, Fiona

Barely legal                                                                          Woods, Stuart

The Bedlam Stacks                                                             Pulley, Natasha

Creepy pair of underwear-picture book                      Reynolds, Aaron

Crime scene                                                                         Kellerman, Jonathan

Deadfall                                                                                Fairstein, Linda A.

Exposed:                                                                               Scottoline, Lisa

The fine art of paper flowers:                                         Turner, Tiffanie

From Holmes to Sherlock:                                               Bostrom, Mattias

Full of fall-picture book                                                    Sayre, April Pulley

Glass houses                                                                        Penny, Louise

The good daughter                                                            Slaughter, Karin

How to find love in a Bookshop                                     Henry, Veronica

My very own space-picture book                                  Goodhart, Pippa

Motor Goose-picture book                                             Colby, Rebecca

I know a secret:                                                                  Gerritsen, Tess

The Kelloggs:                                                                       Markel, Howard

The last Tudor                                                                     Gregory, Philippa

Map of the heart                                                                Wiggs, Susan

Meddling kids                                                                      Cantero, Edgar

Mrs. Fletcher                                                                       Perrotta, Tom

My absolute darling                                                          Tallent, Gabriel

Olive and the backstage ghost                                       Schusterman, Michelle

On her Majesty’s frightfully Secret Service                 Bowen, Rhys

One hot summer:                                                               Ashton, Rosemary

The operator:                                                                      O’Neill, Robert

The painted queen                                                             Peters, Elizabeth

Paradise Valley                                                                   Box, C.J.

Poes: Stories and Poems                                                  Hinds, Gareth

Reincarnation blues                                                           Poore, Michael

The secret diary of Hendrik Groen                                Groen, Hendrik

Seeing red                                                                            Brown, Sandra

The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane                                 See, Lisa

To Siri with love:                                                                 Newman, Judith

Y is for yesterday                                                                Grafton, Sue

Young Jane Young                                                              Zevin, Gabrielle

August 1, 2017

Midnight Crossroad                                                           Harris, Charlaine

101 Asian Dishes you need to cook before you die  Tila, Jet

Hum if you don’t know the words                                Marais, Bianca

The party                                                                              Harding, Robyn

Will you help Doug find his dog?-picture book         Caston, Jane

July 22, 2017

Blame                                                                                    Abbott, Jeff

The breakdown                                                                  Paris, B.A.

The child                                                                               Barton, Fiona

Cocoa Beach                                                                        Williams, Beatriz

Dangerous Minds:                                                              Evanovich, Janet

Down a dark road                                                              Castillo, Linda

The frozen hours                                                                Shaara, Jeff

A game of ghosts                                                                Connolly, John

Grief Cottage                                                                       Godwin, Gail

House of spies                                                                     Silva, Daniel

Hunger:                                                                                 Gay, Roxane

I was told to come alone:                                                 Mekhennet, Souad

Kingdom of Olive and Ash                                               Chabon, Michael

Kiss Carlo                                                                              Trigiani, Adriana

Last Hope Island:                                                                Olson, Lynne

The late show                                                                      Connelly, Michael

Less                                                                                        Greer, Andrew Sean

Look behind you                                                                 Johansen, Iris

MatchUp:                                                                             Child, Lee

The nearness of you                                                          Garlock, Dorothy

The reason you’re alive                                                    Quick, Matthew

The right side                                                                       Quinn, Spencer

Saints for all occasions                                                      Sullivan, J. Courtney

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters                                              Mallery, Susan

The seven rules of Elvira Carr                                         Maynard, Frances

The silent corner                                                                Koontz, Dean R.

Two nights                                                                            Reichs, Kathy

UNSUB                                                                                  Gardiner, Meg

Use of force                                                                         Thor, Brad

Wired                                                                                     Garlock, Julie

Super Diaper Baby 2:                                                        Pilkey, Dav


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July 15, 2017

Al Franken, Giant of the Senate                                     Franken, Al

A sick day for Amo McGee-picture book                     Stead, Philip

Welcome: picture book                                                    Willems, Mo

July 7, 2017

Another Brooklyn                                                              Woodson, Jacqueline

Auggie & Me:                                                                      Palacio, R.J.

The bell jar                                                                           Plath, Sylvia

Bull                                                                                         Elliott, David

Horizon                                                                                 Westerfeld, Scott

Ness, Patrick                                                                        A monster calls

Moo Moo in a tutu-picture book                                   Miller, Tim

The Pearl thief                                                                     Wein, Elizabeth

Killers of the Flower Moon:                                             Grann, David

Magpie murders                                                                 Horowitz, Anthony

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative                        Lustbader, Eric

Shattered:                                                                            Allen, Jonathan

White Rage:                                                                         Anderson, Carol

June 17, 2017

American Street                                                                                               Zoboi, Ibi Anau

Before we sleep                                                                                                Lent, Jeffrey

Before we were yours                                                                                    Wingate, Lisa

Churchill and Orwell: the fight for freedom                                              Ricks, Thomas E.

Come sundown                                                                                                Roberts, Nora

A dog’s way home                                                                                           Cameron, W. Bruce

Dying Breath:                                                                                                     Graham, Heather

Endgame:                                                                                                            Pronzini, Bill

Everybody’s Son                                                                                               Umrigar, Thrity N.

Full wolf moon                                                                                                  Child, Lincoln

The identicals                                                                                                    Hilderbrand, Elin

Kennedy and King:                                                                                           Levingston, Steven

Knife Creek                                                                                                         Doiron, Paul

The little French Bistro                                                                                   George, Nina

Lockdown                                                                                                           King, Laurie R.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness                                                            Roy, Arundhati

Morris Mole-Picture book                                                                            Yaccarino, Dan

Nighthawk                                                                                                          Cussler, Clive

The Orphan’s Tale                                                                                            Jenoff, Pam

Papi: My story                                                                                                   Ortiz, David

The switch                                                                                                          Finder, Joseph

Theft by Finding:                                                                                              Sedaris, David

You will pay                                                                                                        Jackson, Lisa

Being dead is bad for business                                                                   Weiss, Stanley A.

Camino Island                                                                                                    Grisham, John

Indecent exposure                                                                                          Woods, Stuart

The Sunshine Sisters                                                                                       Green, Jane

Trajectory:                                                                                                          Russo, Richard

Adventures of OOK & GLUK:                                                                        Beard, George

Astrophysics for people in a hurry                                                             Tyson, Neil deGrasse

The people we hate at the wedding                                                         Ginder, Grant

The Supremes sing the happy heartache blues                                    Moore, Edward Kelsey

Top dogs: canines that made history                                                        MacLeod, Elizabeth

You don’t have to say you love me                                                           Alexie, Sherman




June 6, 2017

Gwendy’s button box                                                                                    King, Stephen

June 1, 2017

My awesome summer by P. Mantis (Picture book)                                 Meisel, Paul



May 23, 2017

The Attica Turkey Shoot:                                                                               Bell, Malcolm

Same beach, next year                                                                                   Frank, Dorothea Benton

Secrets in summer                                                                                           Thayer, Nancy

May 13, 2017

Testimony                                                                                                           Turow, Scott

Ginny Moon                                                                                                       Ludwig, Benjamin

The thirst                                                                                                             Nesbo, Jo

May 9, 2017

16th Seduction                                                                                                   Patterson, James

The best of Adam Sharp                                                                                Simsion, Graeme C.

The girl who knew too much                                                                       Quick, Amanda

Golden prey                                                                                                       Sandford, John

Into the water                                                                                                   Hawkins, Paula

No easy target                                                                                                   Johansen, Iris

Option B:                                                                                                             Sandberg, Sheryl

March: Book two                                                                                              Lewis, John

March: Book three                                                                                          Lewis, John

Witness                                                                                                                Hesse, Karen

Unbound                                                                                                             Burg, Ann E.




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