Saturday, October 8 is a busy day!

10-11 AM Children’s Program

Fresh Fall Leaves, A Celebration of Fall!

Celebrate the season by gathering leaves, playing on the parachute with them, turning them into art, and sharing stories and songs! Recommended for ages 2-8.

Led by Rosemary Moser of Woodspryte Arts.

11 AM-1 PM Artist Reception

Local (seasonal) artist Jeremy Sherer Oberle will be here to talk about her fabulous art on display. Refreshments will be served. There are paintings, boxes, and more!

 And all proceeds from art sales go to the library.

About the Artist: Jeremy Sherer Oberle

I dreamt when I was four years old that I could “color” better. That will always be my dream.

I went to Art school at Washington University in St. Louis and the graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design. I taught art to young children for 37 years and it was the world’s best job.

My work is a joy to do and I hope it gives you some joy to see.

-Jeremy Sherer Oberle