Phase 1: June 15th-August 19th

Phase 2: effective August 21, 2021

Library Open to the Public for Browsing:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11AM-5PM and Saturdays 9AM-12PM

To help keep everyone safe (and the library open!) these are safety and health precautions patrons must take upon entering the library:

  • Please do not bring returns into the building. All returns are to be put into the book return slot out front. 
  • Masks are required to enter the library. If you are not able to wear a mask please call or email to reserve materials for outdoor pick-up.
  • 3 people allowed in at a time. Each person will take a number from the front door. If no numbers are available, please wait out front until a slot is available. Be patient, if we are at capacity, you may be asked to wait until someone exits the library.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for your use before browsing. 
  • If you pick up a book and decide not to check it out, please place it on the shelving cart. Please do not reshelve any books. 

We ask that you limit your browsing to 20 minutes.  

No public use of the restroom.

No desktop computer usage. We will have 3 new chromebooks for 30 minute use outside in the park (must be a patron or leave license).

Outdoor Pickup is still available-email or call to reserve materials.

We are currently not accepting donations of materials.

This policy is subject to change at any time. Policy Updated on 8/21/21.