Outdoor Pick-Up begins May 19th, 2020

Winhall Memorial Library will begin offering outdoor pick-up on Tuesday, May 19th.  Pick-up will be available on Tuesdays 12pm-2pm & Thursdays 2PM-4PM.

As COVID-19 precautions and safety recommendation change frequently, this schedule is subject to change or cancellation with little or no notice.

How will outdoor pick-up work?

1- Call 802-297-9741 or email winhalllibrary@comcast.net to request books, audiobooks, & movies. When you leave a voicemail or email make sure to leave your name and phone number. Requests can be by title, author, or genre. Request a few extra, as your first choices may not be available! You can check our current online catalog at https://www.librarycat.org/lib/Winhalllibrary As I am still in the process of automating, not all books will be listed. I will be posting new books and recommendations frequently on social media. New books titles also can be found on our website at https://winhallmemoriallibrary.org/newbooks/

I will contact you back regarding pick-up date. Please be patient as I am the only staff member here that will be filling your request.

2- I will check your items out to you, pack them in bags, and write your name on the outside. They will be available on a table outside the library during the above stated times. Simply drop your returns in the book return slot and pick up your package. Any materials requested but not retrieved during the pick-up time period will be brought back into the library and returned into circulation.

3- When picking up materials, please remember social distancing! If someone is already at the pick-up table, please wait at least 6 feet away for your turn.

4-Please note: Book donations are not being accepted at this time.

5- Important Note: All books and DVDs being returned to the library will be put in “quarantine” for ten days. Before they are shelved, plastic covers will be cleaned with disinfectant. Current data indicates that these measures should kill any coronavirus to which the materials may have been exposed, but we cannot guarantee lack of contamination.

I have completed the required training from VOSHA before we initiated any steps to begin serving the public. https://labor.vermont.gov/VOSHA

Please remember to sign up for our newsletter (email winhalllibrary@comcast.net to be added), follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you for your patience, Dawn SantosWinhall Memorial Library will begin offering outdoor pick-up on Tuesday, May 19th. Pick-up will be available on Tuesdays 12pm-2pm & Thursdays 2PM-4PM.

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